A unique musical attraction featuring Catherine Braik Selin and Cyril Everett Caster.
A man, a woman, a boatload of instruments, a tumbling sea of sound: FishCastle - Peoples love'em!
"This group leaves me speechless" - Marcel Marceau
FishCastle is a duo featuring Catherine Braik Selin and Cyril Everett Caster.
Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Catherine Braik Selin has written an impressive library of songs in a wide range of styles. She is well known for her ingenious accompaniments in open tunings on the guitar, as well as for playing the banjo, bass, ukulele and recorders. Catherine has performed individually, with FishCastle and with numerous choirs both regionally and abroad. She won first prize in the 2006 Virginia Harp Center Challenge for composition.
Cyril Everett Caster has recorded as a featured performer or sideman on several major recording labels playing the guitar, dobro,trumpet,  horn, alto horn, flute, vocal, piano, organ and melodica. He has recorded or performed live with many people, including Big Joe Williams, Allen Ginsberg, Bruce Mackay, Elvin Jones, Bob Dorough, Don Cherry, The Family, Pete Seeger, David Blue, Nico and Colin Walcott. He has written over 200 songs and major compositions and is a published writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
     Their most recent release, "FishCastle Kids!" is an album of 13 songs, 8 by Catherine and 5 by Cyril. In typical eclectic fashion, they have created a string of musical scenes from hawaian to mild rap to folk-rock to reggae and back. It's kid's music that many adults really enjoy listening to.

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FishCastle Live!

FishCastle is available for events as an Indie band or a Kindie band.

Our kid and family shows are interactive and educational events featuring instruments and props for audience participation We present original stories and songs with virtue and learning disguised as fun. We are able to modify shows for particular themes or special events. We regularly play indoors and outdoors with or without stage. We have our own sound system and canopy when required and can play all-acoustic without electricity when needed.

Our grownup performance environments vary as well. We play indoors or outdoors for any size audience. One of our recent favorite formats is to play a full musical show with guest poets, writers and spoken word artists doing short spots between our songs.  We feel this provides a unique audience opportunity for exposure to the local artistic community and an opportunity for local creators to reach out to new audiences.  

FishCastle does special shows on historical, environmental or local interest themes. We perform music from many eras and can expand our repertoire on demand. We enjoy inviting audience members to come up and share their own talents as part of our show.

If you are interested in having a performance at your venue or event, send us an e-mail, and we will respond quickly. Don't be afraid to ask.

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